Poland, October 29, 2008

Seminar „Creation and liquidation of foundations – comparative perspective” organized by Polish Donors Forum

Polish Donors Forum and Foundation of Polish-German Cooperation in cooperation with Polish Federation of Non-governmental Organizations and Legal Clinics Foundation invite you to take a part in seminar „ Creation and liquidation of foundations – comparative perspective”. The meeting is part of a new cycle of seminars “Role and models of foundations in Europe and Poland” exploring different aspects of law on foundations.

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Slovenia, November 04, 2008

Community Foundations in Slovenia

Alexis de Toqueville’s “Democracy in America” featuring American associational life in the 19

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Poland, November 06, 2008

International seminar “Child – Citizen”

in Warsaw The Comenius Foundation for Child Development organizes international seminar “Child – Citizen”.

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Poland, November 16, 2008

Conference “Public Information Bulletin in non-governmental organizations – another bothersome requirement or reasonable solution to support transparency?”

NGOs’ coalition – The Association of Leaders of Local Civic Groups, National Federation of Non-Govern

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Bulgaria, November 18, 2008

Campaign for preservation of the tax benefits for donations to NGOs

In October, BCNL was informed that the Ministry of Finance is planning to make amendments to several tax laws (Corporate Income Tax Law, Individuals Income Taxation Law and the Local Taxes and Fees Law) that will eliminate all tax benefits for donations to public benefit nonprofit organizations (PBOs). The proposed changes were later published on the website of the Ministry and publicized at different meetings and press-conferences.

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Bulgaria, November 19, 2008

Data Retention on the Internet – Legal Action by Access to Information Programme in Bulgaria - 2008

The case of AIP against the Data Retention in the Internet Regulation is going to be heard on November 13, 2008 before the second instance court.

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Poland, November 24, 2008

Independence of the judiciary and legal profession as foundations of the rule of law - contemporary challenges

Foundation for Human Rights co-organizes a prestigious international conference on the independence of the judiciary and the legal profession

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Poland, November 24, 2008

Conference „The Strengthening of the Fundamental Rights Protection Based on the Treaty Reforming the EU” organized by The Independent Institute of International and European Law

The Independent Institute of International and European Law

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Poland, November 25, 2008

Series of lectures on “Human rights entering new territories”

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Czech Republic, November 29, 2008

Big Brother Awards Czech republic

The fourth edition of Big Brother Awards was announced in the Czech Republic

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