Grant NumberPL/2012/30
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationOgólnopolska Federacja Organizacji Pozarządowych (OFOP National Federation of Polish NGOs)
Project NameStrengthening civic participation through federalization and networking
Amount AwardedUSD 96,945.00
Grant PeriodSeptember 01, 2012 - September 30, 2013
Project Description

The goal of the project is to strengthen OFOP's position and help increase its capacity in tackling common issues for the civil society sector in Poland and subsequently in other V4 countries.


  • Evaluation and conclusions - to summarize and evaluate a decade of the Polish Federation of Non-governmental Organizations, in terms of cooperation with its members, participation in dialogue with the public sector and international cooperation.
  • Capacity building - to enhance OFOP institutional capacity and effectiveness in collaborating with its members and international partners.
  • Strategic plans - communication inside and outside the sector - to determine and announce directions of activities, issues and topics Federation want to deal with in the future and promote a positive image of the NGO sector build upon the examples of the achievements of the Federation.
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