Grant NumberPL/2012/22
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationProjekt: Polska Foundation
Project NameFree Poland’s Birthday
Amount AwardedUSD 10,680.00
Grant PeriodMay 18, 2012 - June 18, 2012
Project Description

Reinstalling a positive sense and meaning of civic patriotism through reminder about the brightest carts of Poland’s newest history that the citizens should be proud of.


  • familiarizing young people with the key role of the first free elections for the transition from communism into democracy
  • preparing the Free Poland’s Birthday Party, preceded by a social network media info-campaign focused on reminding the importance of June 4th, the day of the first democratic elections in 1989, also via web site with a feature of sending birthday wishes to Poland and thanking all those who contributed to the struggle for independence
  • preparation of birthday parties open to public on the streets of  Warsaw and at least 4 other cities
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