Grant NumberPL_2012_01
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationAssociation Pro Memoriam Professor Zbigniew Hołda (Stowarzyszenie im. Profesora Zbigniewa Hołdy)
Project NameMoot court on constitutional rights and freedoms guaranteed under the Polish Constitution
Amount AwardedUSD 19,700.00
Grant PeriodJanuary 01, 2012 - December 31, 2012
Project Description

The goal of the project is:

  • creating new educational technique and thus enriching legal education in Poland;
  • raising awareness on human rights, litigation techniques and constitutional adjudication among students of law, academic teachers, and legal community.

Its objectives are:

  • organization of first Polish moot court on constitutional rights and freedoms,
  • creating a possibility for both public and private law schools to participate in moot court, and thus providing students with an opportunity to expand their educational activities, as well as to increase their sensitivity on human rights,
  • activating young teachers on constitutional law at Polish law schools by engaging them into project and supervision over participating teams,
  • activating judges, attorneys, legal advisors, prosecutors and scholars by engaging them into judicial panels organized within moot court as well as into evaluation of court briefs prepared by teams,
  • increasing the public visibility of the Polish Constitutional Court and awareness how the constitutional adjudication is made, especially with respect to students of law,
  • by organization of moot court, creating a database of “know how” that can be  used at organization of similar competitions in other countries of region (e.g. Czech Republic, Slovakia or Bulgaria).


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