Grant NumberPL_2011_07
TypeIn-Country Grant
Project NameAgainst racism and xenophobia: city response and prevention strategy
Amount AwardedUSD 40,000.00
Grant PeriodAugust 01, 2011 - May 31, 2012
Project Description

The first goal of the project is to obtain a decline in the number of racially motivated and xenophobic incidents by developing and implementing a coherent and effective prevention and response strategy in Krakow. This would create a supportive environment for civil society where local authorities would ensure that no citizen or a tourist is a subject of unfair and humiliating treatment or simply encounters offensive inscription and the citizens are aware of their own responsibility for demanding actions when unacceptable incidents occur.  

The second goal of the project is to transfer good practice into other cities which face similar problem (Lublin, Warsaw, Bialystok, andWroclaw). In that way the project will create a tool that would be sustainable and could be re-used in the future.

The third goal, which will come as an added value to the first two, is to support the strategic development of the INTERKULTURALNI PLassociation, which mission is to develop open and multicultural society in Poland and make Krakow more foreigner’s friendly.
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