RO_X 2009_282

Grant NumberRO_X 2009_282
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationFondul de Dezvoltare a Euroregiunii Carpatice - FDEC Romania (known also as Carpathian Foundation Romania)
Project NameHIS – Heritage, Instrument for Sustainability
Amount AwardedUSD 200,000.00
Grant PeriodJune 01, 2010 - February 01, 2012
Project Description

Goal: Creation of a supportive environment for the NGOs active in community development, using heritage as a tool – HIS, a program to become a grant and capacity development program that will enable communities to use their natural, cultural and historic heritage as instrument for their own sustainable development. Activities: 1. Launch of 2 Calls for Proposals 2. Projects implementation Round I; 3. Projects implementation Round II; 4. Monitoring and evaluation process of the running grants; 5. Networking events: press conferences at each 4th months; 3 networking events involving grantees, applicants who did not receive grants, former FDEC Romania grantees; one networking event involving guests from Hungary - NGOs implementing heritage projects under the same mechanism as in Romania; publication of a HIS promotional brochure - best practices.
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