RO_X 2009_218

Grant NumberRO_X 2009_218
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationPACT Foundation – Partnership for Community Action and Transformation
Project NameLearning, Participation, Trust - Developing Community-Based Organizations in rural areas in the South of Romania
Amount AwardedUSD 180,000.00
Grant PeriodJune 01, 2010 - May 31, 2012
Project Description

Goal: To stimulate participation of citizens living in rural areas in the Southern part of Romania to associate and work together for collective action within organized structures at community level. Activities: 1. Selection of 6 community facilitators; 2. Training seminar on participatory approaches and community mobilization; 3. Promotion of the program in the 6 counties; 4. Selection of 18 rural communities in the 6 counties, based on existing potential for solid CBO creation; 5. Facilitation processes in the 18 communities - organizing meetings with various community stakeholders in view of community groups formation and development; 6. Organizing 3 training sessions for the 18 newly formed community groups on: participatory community needs assessment and participatory project planning; project management; community fundraising and resource mobilization; 7. Seed funding for the new community groups to run community projects; 8. Community projects carried out by the community groups in the 18 localities; 9. Conception, promotion and development of a community fund to further assist other community/grassroots groups in rural areas in the South of Romania; 10. Elaborating and editing promotional materials to present program results and the community fund established within the program; 11. Organizing a 2 day regional meeting bringing together new and old CBOs, to share experience and gain inspiration for further action.
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