RO_X 2009_186

Grant NumberRO_X 2009_186
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationRomanian Academic Society (SAR)
Project NameBuilding a Sustainable Anticorruption Constituency in Romania: “Clean Romania”
Amount AwardedUSD 120,000.00
Grant PeriodSeptember 01, 2010 - April 30, 2012
Project Description

Goal: to continue the activity dedicated to enhancing transparency and public accountability by: 1) enlarging the initial Coalition for a Clean Government into the self-sustainable ‘Coalition for Clean Romania’; 2) creating a wider participatory model by including business representatives and regular citizens among others; 3) maintaining essential activities of watchdog and monitoring. Activities: 1. Ensure communication with large categories of the public in order to attract wide-reaching individual participation, valuable investigative contributors, as well as funding; 2. Stimulate and support a national network of active contributors of individual corruption complaints and investigations and publish their information on a high-traffic web portal; 3. Organize a high-publicity Award Gala, where to institute national awards for anti-corruption actions and integrity; 4. Develop and expand a high-traffic online portal where the public can actively discuss and report individual cases; 5. Transmit the information received in such a manner to NAD and NIA; 6. Trace and monitor the evolution of corruption investigations and anti-corruption files and present them on the online portal; 7. Support and publish monitoring reports and analysis of corrupt practices from expert contributors around the country; 8. Develop the coalition on the basis of corporate membership; 9. Develop partnerships with business sector for specific transparency actions to decrease the vulnerabilities to corruption in the usage of public funds.
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