RO_X 2009_78

Grant NumberRO_X 2009_78
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationUnited Way Romania
Project NameBuilding Better Communities by Increasing NGOs’ Capacity to Effectively Address Communities’ Needs
Amount AwardedUSD 130,000.00
Grant PeriodJune 01, 2010 - May 31, 2012
Project Description

Goal: to increase the capacity of local NGOs to address communities’ social needs by delivering quality services in their communities, by partnering between themselves as well as with other stakeholders, and by increasing the support they get from companies and individuals. Activities: 1.Perform assessment - Collecting relevant data from public authorities and NGOs, regarding the main social issues; 2. Identify social promoters; 3. Community consultation & Identification of critical community issues to be addressed; 4. Development and implementation of collaborative community projects; 5. Deliver a training program for social NGOs, on selected topics such as: evaluation, PR, marketing, presentation skills, and others; 6. Deliver technical assistance for projects developed in partnership, and by request; 7. Open bid & Selection of projects; 8. Organize fundraising campaigns; 9. Allocate funds - At least 50 grants. A special emphasis will be put on programs developed in partnership or programs that stimulate the participation of local or central authorities in the implementation; 10. Attract and distribute non-financial resources.
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