Grant NumberSLO_2008_05
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationStudio 12 – production of multimedia content
Project NameIndependent online interactive television as media support platform for civil society
Amount AwardedUSD 99,748.00
Grant PeriodFebruary 01, 2009 - January 31, 2010
Project Description

The project aims to strengthen and expand the media coverage and public recognition of social topics focusing on issues and activities of NGOs and civil society, that have sustainable and educative value for the general society, by: • Publicizing those particular social topics; • Providing sustainable multimedia coverage, support and on-line TV platform for the civil society organizations’ initiatives and activities in order to establish democratic channels for general public activism, social pressures and social change; • Providing the international recognition of good media practice and promotion of the independent civil society media concept.
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