Grant NumberSLO/2008/03
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationPeace Institute – Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies (PI)
Project NameBuilding Capacity for Pro Bono Practice of Lawyers in Slovenia
Amount AwardedUSD 99,386.22
Grant PeriodJune 01, 2008 - May 01, 2010
Project Description

The project aims to:

·         Map the existence of pro bono practice in Slovenia and the interest and capacity of lawyers to accept such work;
·         Promote pro bono practice within legal community and increase knowledge of its benefits for firms and the society;
·         Build partnership nationally and internationally among NGOs, Bar Association, Human Rights Ombudsman, professors, law firms, corporations and individual lawyers willing to engage in pro bono practice;
·         Strengthen the support system for pro bono practice by establishing a clearinghouse and providing cases to lawyers.
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