Hungary, August 15, 2003


Trust for Civil Society in Central & Eastern Europe decided to go further in the selection process of the Trust Partner Organisations in Hungary. The process started in January 2002 with publication of a Call for Letters of Intent. Four organizations were short-listed to prepare full proposals, however, the selection process was postponed in June 2002, because none of the proposals was satisfactory for the Trust. Trust offered small assistance grants to the group of NGOs participating in the process to foster the launch of the Trust program implementation in Hungary and to enhance efforts of Hungarian NGOs in reaching out to experience from neighbouring countries and build their advocacy capacity to become a partner for the public administration.

Trust for Civil Society in Central & Eastern Europe approved small assistance grant in the amount of 11,383 USD for the Civil Society Development Foundation (CSDF) and small assistance grant in the amount of 68,587 USD for the Environmental Partnership Foundation (in partnership with the Autonomia Foundation, Soros Foundation, and NIOK). The small assistance grants shall be used for the outreach of the Hungarian NGOs mostly into the Visegrad Four countries and for enhancing the dialogue of the NGOs with the government regarding its Civil Society Strategy.

Trust for Civil Society in Central & Eastern Europe has also decided to move ahead with the implementation of the Trust program and objectives in Hungary with more than one Partner Organisation. Given the profile and track record of individual short-listed organisations and their responses to the Trust inquiries, the Trust decided to invite three organisations to prepare proposals covering separately three Trust objectives:

- Environmental Partnership Foundation to prepare a proposal for the first Trust objective of "supporting legal, fiscal and political environments in which civil societies can flourish."

- Civil Society Development Foundation to prepare a proposal for the second Trust objective of "strengthening the non-profit sector through institutional capacity building."

- Soros Foundation Hungary to prepare institutional grants program covering the third Trust objective of "supporting the long-term financial sustainability of non-profit organizations."

All three organisations have accepted the invitation to work on respective proposals, which shall be prepared in the first half of 2003.
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