June 15, 2012

New Grants in Bulgaria and Hungary

The CEE Trust is now in the process of finalizing the assessment and approval of the grants submitted from Hungary and Bulgaria.

As of today, there are 3 grants awarded and 9 projects shortlisted. If you find your project on the second list, it means that although the CEE Trust seriously considers supporting your project, the final decision has not been taken yet. The final decision on the shortlist is due shortly after June 18th. We will publish the information online and contact every awarded organization separately.

If your project does not appear on any of the lists, it means it has not been selected for funding. This decision is final. Due to large amount of proposals submitted no further information will be provided.

List no 1.
Grants awarded

  • "From Europhiles to Euroskeptics" by Hungarian Europe Society; amount: USD 19,000
  • "The consequences of freezing social aid in rural Hungary and coping strategies developed by individuals and local decision makers" by Pro Cseherat Association; amount: USD 47,361
  • "Advocacy for broadening and improving employment opportunities of people living with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorder" by Salva Vita Foundation; amount: USD 50,000


List no 2.
Projects shortlisted


  • "More citizen participation and more reason in elections: online tools and public debates for engaging citizens with National and European elections in Bulgaria" by Bulgarian School of Politics “Dimitry Panitza”
  • "Fundraising and the State" by Bulgarian Donors' Forum
  • "WHY INDEPENDENT. Mobilizing the independent cultural sector for policy participation" by Next Page Foundation
  • Bulgarian Civic Agenda 2.0 or Cyberactivism – The Bridge  Between  Civil Society  And Technology Based Community by Association "Institute for Pubilc Environment Development"
  • "Responsible politics, transparency and privacy in the digital environment" by Fourteenth January Foundation


  • "atlatszo.hu Watchdog NGO and online magazine for investigative journalism in Hungary" by atlatso.hu
  • "Civic Scrutiny of the New Hungarian Constitutional System" by Hungarian Helsinki Committee, HHC  (Magyar Helsinki Bizottság)
  • "Wake-up Call: Bringing Gender Equality to the Forefront of Policy Debates" by Hungarian Women Lobby
  • "Creating a National Hate Crimes Strategy in Action" by Otherness Foundation (NEKI)

We would like to remind you that the projects in Bulgaria and Hungary are currently handled by:

Bulgaria - Dolores Neagoe d.neagoe@ceetrust.org
Hungary - Anna Mazgal

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