Poland, August 14, 2008

A letter from the office of the speaker of the Polish Sejm – Bronislaw Komorowski to the Helsinki Foundation of Human Rights in Poland

In the recent months, one of the CEE Trust’s grantees - Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights in Poland, launched a program on the Human Rights and Settlements with the Past. The program is intended to counteract the negative consequences of publishing the report from the verification of Military Information Services (WSI) and the lustration law (the currently binding or any future one). The project is funded by the CEE Trust and it includes undertaking strategic litigation, legal assistance for individual victims, as well as educational and informational activity.

A copy of a bulletin published recently within the framework of this program reached – among others - the office of the Speaker of the Polish Sejm – Bronislaw Komorowski. He was really impressed with the publication itself but also with the great achievements of the program and its performers. To see the full text of the letter that our grantee received from the Speaker, please click here (Polish language version) or here: [pdf]Letter from the Speaker of the Polish Sejm (27 kb) (English language version). 
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