Poland, July 16, 2008

Report by the program "Human Rights and settlements with the past"

The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights and the „Human rights and settlements with the past” Program has just published a report showing the activities of the Program during the past year.

The Program covers on the one hand problems of lustration instruments, including access to a documents of communist era secret services in Poland, on the other hand the problems of the liquidation of the Military Intelligence Services (Wojskowe Służby Informacyjne) in 2006, the procedure on verification of their soldiers and employees and publication of the Report on Verification, which was to show the illegal activities of this formation. The lawyers of the Program apply methods of strategic litigation and provide legal aid to the victims of state activities taken in both problem areas.
The report on program activities was officially presented at a press conference which took place on July 2, 2008 in the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights conference room. Halina Bortnowska and prof. Wiktor Osiatyński participated in the Press conference.
The Program functions thanks to the grants received from from Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe and the Open Society Institute.


On the attached photo: attorney Mikołaj Pietrzak – Coordinator of the program, Halina Bortnowska, prof. Wiktor Osiatyński, Adam Bodnar, PhD – Secretary of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights Board.
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