Czech Republic, June 08, 2008

Visit CEE Trust event at NGO Market in Prague

CEE Trust organizes an associated event at market for non-governmental organizations that is organized by Forum 2000 foundation and will take place on 10 th June 2008 from 9AM till 7PM in premises of New York University in Prague and in Polish institute. Market of non-governmental organizations is a unique one-day event, which has been growing in size and scope since its inception in 2000. This year market is titled "Helping is a passion, not a profession".

CEE Trust event takes place from 10.00 – 10.30 in Café in Richtrův dům, NYU

The goal of the event is to present CEE Trust and its activities in the Czech Republic and other countries of the region and to present priorities of CEE Trust as well as examples of best practice from countries of the region, which were supported by our charity.

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