July 21, 2008

How can EU listen to its citizens? Community X Change and the European citizens panel

An innovative project which is engaging young and old citizens in European Policy making

Rural citizens aged between 13 and 83 will lead discussions on the following issues:

How can we encourage young people to engage in policy making and vote in 2009?

How can we gain citizen involvement in preparation for 2014-2019?
In the light of the Irish 'no' vote what role is there for citizen deliberation?

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 4TH 2008, 10.00-12.30

Hosted by Stephen Hughes MEP with support from ECAS (The European Citizen Action Service)

You are invited to the 'How can the EU listen to its citizens?' seminar on November 4th, 2008.

Community X Change is an innovative project which has brought together 30 randomly selected citizens from across the North of England to deliberate on the future of rural areas using the Citizens Jury model. Most of the group, aged between 13 and 17,  have met over the last one and a half years for indepth deliberation leading to the production of a set of recommendations.
Last year some of the group took part in the European Citizens Panel a unique attempt to bring together 90 citizens from 10 different regions to make recommendations on the future of rural areas.

The seminar will explore the learning from these initiatives directly with the citizens involved.

Community X Change participants have prioritised two main recommendations which they are eager to explore further:

               1. Children and young people must be involved in the decision making of all EU                  projects. This should be done through policy and good practice guidelines of                      participation with children and young  people, for example youth forums.

                2. EU decision making should be strengthened by regular deliberative
                   processes such as the European Citizens Panel.

For project background (and a full set of recommendations) see
Community X Change website www.ruralsos.org.uk

European Citizens Panel website www.citizenspanel.eu


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