July 21, 2008

"Civil society connecting EU and neighbouring countries" 29-30 September 2008 Zadar, Croatia

This conference will gather civil society organisations from the EU and neighbouring countries, donors active in the region as well as the EU and national governments' officials.


Summary of the programme:

Following-up to the recent conference in Ljubljana on "Development of civil dialogue and partnership relations between civil society, national governments and EU institutions" which resulted in the adoption of the Ljubljana declaration http://www.ecas-citizens.eu/content/view/76/173/1/4/ , we decided with our partners to organise a conference focusing on surveys carried out at the national level in countries of Western Balkans and Eastern Europe on the implementation of the Partnership Principle (EU ? National Governments ?  CSOs).


The 3 collaboration spaces will be organised around the following themes:

1. The Ljubljana declaration and beyond;
2. Agenda for common problems and solutions for CSOs from the EU Neighbourhood;
3. Enhanced donor coordination for sustainable civil society development.


For other information concerning logistics of the event contact:

Ms. Ana Zunic, Executive secretary, IMPACT - European Centre for Cross-Sector Partnership

E-mail: info@impact-center.eu


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