August 15, 2005



The Board of Trustees would like to inform you about the changes in the executive leadership of the CEE Trust and about the next steps taken by the Board

Jacek Wojnarowski resigned from the position of the Executive Director of the CEE Trust with effect from December 31, 2004. The Board of Trustees would like to take this opportunity and thank Mr. Wojnarowski for his valuable contribution to the CEE Trust. Under his leadership, the CEE Trust has completed four years of vigorous operations, establishing its presence in six countries. Significant progress has occurred in terms of increased self-confidence and capacity inside the non-profit sector, successful public awareness campaigns about civic engagement and NGOs, improved legislation stimulating philanthropy, expanded corporate giving and more frequent media reporting about non-profit sector activities. Most importantly, the notion of civil society, public participation and civic engagement has become more and more present in the public and political debates throughout the region. The CEE Trust also managed to establish valuable cooperative relationships with European private donors, which was one of its strategic objectives in view of the recent enlargement of the European Union. Mr. Wojnarowski also launched a strategic review process that began in mid-2004.

The CEE Trust has begun the process of searching for a new executive director, and a position description has been disseminated ( => ED Description Position ). Applications will be accepted until 4 March 2005. It is anticipated that a new executive director will be named by mid-2005. In the meantime, the operations and activities of the CEE Trust are being managed by its staff - Lidia Kolucka-Zuk (Program Associate and Assistant Treasurer) and Matus Minarik (Program Associate) - working in close relationship with the Board of Trustees. The CEE Trust office is managed by Anna Jakubik (Head of the Office). All current grant commitments and activities will continue uninterrupted.

The CEE Trust would also like to inform you that the strategic review process is proceeding on schedule during this period, and the Board and staff are fully engaged in this important activity. The purpose of the review is to look at the strategic strength, cohesiveness, and performance of the CEE Trust in order to help the Board and staff make decisions about future strategy.

As part of the review, the Board will invite a small number of independent experts from the region to its strategic retreat in early March 2005 to review the emergent thinking on future directions for CEE Trust. A similar meeting will be held with all of the primary CEE Trust partner organizations in April 2005, and the Board expects to complete the review and to disseminate a new strategic framework for the CEE Trust shortly after its June 2005 meeting. All comments and questions about the strategic review and/or the leadership transition are welcome by the staff. Please contact the CEE Trust at: =>  
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